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Interesting Facts about Girls

Girl - it is a very beautiful flower, which only blossoms, when in the hands of a beloved caring husband. But few men can confidently state, what he knows about girls absolutely everything.

Although most of the interesting facts about girls have long been known to everyone and are regularly published in men's magazines and thematic web resources, but girl, still continues to be a mystery, to be solved.

Interesting Facts about Girls

After each bath, even if the woman is not the owner of long fluffy hair, without fail wraps a turban of towels on his head for at least one minute. The cause of this ritual is unknown..

IN THE USA, Colorado, Legally forbidden to kiss a sleeping woman.

Women are significantly more emotional

Interesting Facts about Girls

They smile much more often than men., and cry four times as much.

The first programmer was Englishwoman Ada Lovelace. Unknown, why this fact was hidden by the public.

Woman, which regularly paints lips, for his life he eats about 2 kg lipstick

Interesting Facts about Girls

A woman sees better in the dark.Besides, peripheral vision is much better developed in women, and they easily perceive what they see as a whole.

If a woman has unbuttoned her fly on the street, she will react rather indifferently to this circumstance and calmly fasten her pants.

Asking about, how she looks like, the woman really does not want to hear a true answer to her question.The question is asked purely rhetorically., to hear another compliment.

Woman doesn't like, when her hands are free

Interesting Facts about Girls

For this, she wears a handbag., to pull the strap, dig endlessly in it or hold over the edge. In the absence of this part of the wardrobe everything is used - gloves, fan, flower, book, mobile phone, and even hair.

The vast majority of women live longer than men.

Women blink their eyes twice as often as men.

The largest number of children, born to one woman, makes up 88.

20-a second hug is enough, to make a woman trust a man.

That's all.

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