Interesting Facts

Interesting Coffee Facts

If you read this text over a cup of coffee, then, according to statistics, together with you enjoy this wonderful drink about 2 million people. Isn't it wonderful?

For ten centuries, people have been cheering on coffee.. Each country has special traditions., related to this drink, thousands of studies have appeared about the benefits and harms, endless cooking recipes.

Coffee is seen as a separate art form., in which every little thing is extremely important: be it roasting, silence or deception.

Artists create paintings, using coffee instead of watercolor, musicians devote songs to coffee, and even the foam on the drink itself receives special attention.

Despite, that coffee is such a famous drink, many facts just fly past your eyes and ears. Let's deal together as usual, so unusual facts:

Coffee — coffee tree berries seeds. The berries themselves have a pleasant honey taste.

Coffee berries and coffee grains
Coffee berries and coffee grains

Coffee is in second place among the best-selling goods in the world and second only to oil

Coffee brings more benefits., what harm

Caffeine in coffee also helps people increase energy levels and improve athletic performance..

There is more to brewing coffee 300 ways, and for frying, chopping and other manipulations — 1200.

In one cup of real sugar-free coffee 0 calories

Coffee helps with a hangover

Interesting Coffee Facts

Pain is formed due to the formation of acetate in the body under the influence of ethanol.. Coffee also helps block the conversion of acetaldehyde to acetate and, Consequently, get rid of pain.

There is animal musanga, which eats only the fruits of coffee, and from feces animals make the most expensive coffee in the world, which is called Kopi-Luwak.

Excessive drinking can lead to insomnia and irritability..

The bitter taste of coffee is not due to caffeine.

Interesting Coffee Facts

Caffeine is not at all the cause of the characteristic bitter taste of coffee.. In fact, the culprits of this taste are antioxidants.

That's all.

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