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Interesting Equilibrium Facts

World, being a real home for all living things, full of miracles and incredible puzzles. Really, despite, that scientists were able to figure out the great many secrets of the universe, nevertheless, some things remained unidentified.

Nevertheless, scientists are trying every day to find out the true essence of all events and phenomena. One of the interesting topics is equilibrium..

Seemingly, what is surprising may contain such a completely understandable phenomenon? However, certain facts, which are extremely interesting, balance still hides. So what applies to them?

Fact No. 1. First bike

Also in 19 century, German professor Baron von Drez wanted to create transport, which could maintain a state of equilibrium at speed. And his idea was realized very quickly.

Interesting Equilibrium Facts

He created the first prototype of a modern bicycle in the distant 1817 year. Such an incomprehensible vehicle in those days very much resembled a modern scooter, which was called "trolley", in honor of the inventor.

A few years later, namely in 1840 year, a blacksmith from Scotland Macmillan added pedals and a saddle to the design. So it turned out the world's first bike, which can really be in balance even at high speed.

Fact No. 2. Rope walker

Interesting Equilibrium Facts

Remarkable, that professional tightrope walkers sway slightly from side to side to maintain balance, thereby balancing. Often they hold a pole in their hands. This helps them to more accurately maintain their center of gravity above the fulcrum., holding the pole straight in front of you.

Fact No. 3. Archimedes

The famous physicist and engineer Archimedes back in 3 century BC formulated the rule, which remains relevant to this day.

Interesting Equilibrium Facts

The bottom line is, that a person loses in the distance as many times, how much takes advantage in strength. He also claims, what if there is a fulcrum, it makes it possible to turn even the globe.

Fact No. 4. How a kangaroo jumps?

Interesting Equilibrium Facts

To stay in balance, kangaroos use their tail. If the tail is raised high above the ground, Kangaroo will not be able to jump. Animal, vice versa, uses it like a pole. Leaning on the tail, a kangaroo can jump almost 2 meters, and in length - by as much as 12 meters.

Fact No. 5. Why a sandwich falls butter down?

Everything is simple: elastic bread, so, even if a sandwich falls bread down, in any case, it will bounce again and eventually fall oil down. Oil sticks to the surface instantly, because of which the movement stops.

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