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How to Understand, what do you like guy?

Be able to understand your feelings, sure, well, but sometimes I want to understand the feelings of other people. There is no way to say exactly, do you like a guy, Besides, except that, issue directly.

How to Understand, what do you like guy?

Touch - an important sign of interest in you and your developing relationship, and you can rate the interest, watching, how does he concern you, and how does he react, how do you touch him.

If he is passionate about you, he can put his hand on your, when he laughs, he can gently touch your foot, but no longer push her away, or he can acquire you.

On the other hand, think about, what will happen if you touch him, see, what's happening - gentle touch of a hand to his neck. If he is interested in you, then it will respond to your touch. On the other hand, if he strains or takes his hand away, he is not interested.

He will be interested in things., which do you like

for example: if you have any hobby (Painting, dancing, music) he will try to understand these hobbies as much as possible, in order to find common interest with you.

Nervous behavior

How to Understand, what do you like guy?

When a guy likes you, he may start to behave differently towards you, ESPECIALLY in the company. If he begins to behave "as a defender" in relation to you, eg, crouch closer to you and put your hand on the back of a chair, this is a sign of his interest.

Also, a guy can use flirting tactics with another girl, to see your reaction, make you jealous.

Although this tactic is pretty easy to spot - watch him, when he flirts with another girl. If he continues to try to get your attention, you can be sure enough, what does he do it, to get a reaction from you.

He can be nervous, when next to you, wanting to impress. He can laugh nervously, his palms may sweat, he cannot sit still, looks away.

Follow, he does not involuntarily repeat your facial expressions?

Or maybe, you moved to another table, and he went after you? People usually "reflect" movements and facial expressions of those, who do they like.


How to Understand, what do you like guy?

If you changed your hairstyle or makeup, and the guy paid attention to it, he likes you. Most guys won't even notice it., and if they notice, then keep silent.

Similar compliment: "You look good today", “This blouse suits you", "Your hair is different today, very cute" - this is an indicator of, what do you like guy.

The desire to attract your attention is also a sign of some feelings.. If a guy greets you every day, trying to speak, smiles and gives you all kinds of signs of attention - he cannot but have feelings for you.

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