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Shroedinger `s cat

Many, for sure, were heard about a certain Schrödinger cat. However no one even guesses, what kind of creature is this? Fictional abstract concept or really real cat? Actually the answer is simple. This is just a thought experiment., invented once by Schrödinger himself.

The essence of this experiment is as follows:

1) Cat is taken, boxed. This box houses the mechanism, having a radioactive atomic nucleus and a container with toxic gas.

Probability of, what the core will decay in 60 minutes, is equal to 50%. Need to understand, in case, if the core decays, then the cat will die. If not, the cat, hence, will stay alive;

2)After an hour, the question arises spontaneously: cat alive or dead?

3) In the course of logical reasoning, it becomes clear, that from the position of quantum mechanics, the cat for two hours is in two possible states at the same time. In other words, he is either alive, either at that exact moment in time is dead.

As for the core, then it also has two states: in the same time period, the core either decayed, either did not break up. Discover, what happened to the core and, respectively, with a cat, only after an hour;

4) As a result of reasoning, it becomes absolutely obvious, that quantum mechanics clearly implies, that the cat during this hour is both alive and dead. But this is impossible, the cat at the same time cannot be alive, and the dead.

Impossible, that broke up and at the same time did not break up. From all this an absolutely logical conclusion follows.: quantum mechanics is paradoxical and needs serious additions. Physical laws must be open., indicating conditions, in the existence of which will be the only true and real only one option.

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