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Who are the Franks?

The first mention of francs takes place in 3 century, when the Germanic tribe was first defeated by an ancient Roman army led by Aurelian.

Who are the Franks?

IN 3-4 centuries, the Germanic tribes began to decay old customs and traditions, during which tribal unions formed. They were called francs. These were: handwriting, hamavamy, tenkters, bruktery and other nationalities. The Goths formed their union a little earlier..

The Franks at the beginning of existence, there was paganism. They worshiped the gods of the forest., animals, water. They used sacrifices in their rituals. Afterwards, already closer to our time, the people accepted the Catholic faith.

Franks lived along the river Rhine, where from there raids on the Roman Empire were carried out. After the defeat from the Romans, this people moved over the Rhine. Representatives of this nation were considered excellent warriors with their weapons..

Who are the Franks?

They used long spears, throwing darts and axes. Some began to serve the Roman army for a fee and achieved some success.. When solving military issues in Rome, the opinions of German mercenaries played a significant role.

IN 5 century Franks clearly divided into two tribal unions:

- the first group were northern peoples, which were in the Netherlands, Belgium and the north of France. They held a dominant position and conveyed to our days some languages ​​and culture..

- the second group were eastern tribes, who lived on the outskirts of the river Rhine, near Cologne. They raided further down the river, conquering new territories.

Subsequently, the East Franks formed a single state, where Cologne became the center. Northern peoples on the contrary, broke up into many small principalities, where mainly military functions were carried out. Power passed by inheritance, from father to son.

The mythical King of Franks Faramund
The mythical King of Franks Faramund

Northern tribes began to be called salic. IN 4 century they were defeated by Roman troops, and when Clovis came to power, Franks conquered part of Gaul. Here their Frankish state was formed. Laws and foundations were enshrined in Salic truth. This formed the basis for the formation of modern Netherlands, parts of france.

As a result of the confrontation between the two states, francs have changed 5- the beginning 6 centuries. Previously, power was only military, and during this period it became unlimited and it was possible to overthrow it only by force.

New territories were conquered, they were ruled by the faithful people of kings. For participation in hostilities, man was endowed with land and became a vassal. Frankish state towards the end 6 century has become the strongest power, recognized by the Roman and barbarian peoples.

Further inside the state, strife broke out among themselves for several centuries.. Reconciliation only came with wars. Often there were rebellions of conquered peoples, but towards the end 10 centuries and they were crushed.

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