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Что такоеквадрат Декарта”?

Each of us has to make a variety of decisions every day.. What to do on the weekend, what to cook for dinner, where to go to work and t. d. - all these questions require some thought and mental effort.. To make decisions faster and easier, You can use a special decision-making technique - Descartes Square.

What it is?

Descartes Square is a unique tool for making the right decisions.Tasks of any complexity will no longer be a serious test when using this technique. Its essence is as follows:

1. Need to draw Descartes Square on a piece of paper, just drawing a sheet on 4 parts and enter questions in each cell received (leaving room for answers to them):

- What will happen, if that happens?

- What will happen, if it does not happen?

- What will not be, if that happens?

- What will not be, if this does not happen?

Что такое "квадрат Декарта"?

2. Then you can proceed directly to business.Any exciting question needs to be "skipped" through 3 square cells. In this case, the main thing is to correctly and clearly formulate the problem.

Answering Square questions, you need to abstract from extraneous thoughts and not look into other cells, so as not to be distracted. You should also protect yourself as much as possible from any external distractions..

3. All answers must be recorded.. So it will be easier and more effective to realize the information. The thing is, that half of the unwritten answers, likely, will be forgotten, and you also need to take into account the fact, that the human subconscious mind tends to ignore the “not” particle. It is allowed to fill in the square more than one, but with family, beloved person, friend and t. d., special, if the problem is someone else.

4. Now you can make a decision.Usually, answering the questions asked, the decision comes quickly and turns out to be the most correct. To do this, re-read your questions in each sector and put next to each plus or minus. Plus will denote a positive argument., minus - negative. Then you need to count the positive and negative arguments and, in accordance with, which will be more, decide.

This technique can be used as many times as you like.. With experience, decision making with this method is becoming easier and more efficient.. Having tried once, in the next dubious situation there will be a desire to use Descartes Square again.

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