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Maybach Exeler's Most Expensive Auto in 2005 year

Undoubtedly in our time, a car is an integral part of the status and image of a person. With it, you can emphasize your influence in society., stand out among the rest. Therefore, manufacturers annually try to produce expensive, exclusive cars. The most expensive cars on the planet include powerful sports cars., the release of which is of course limited. Many men dream of them., but units may allow.

So, the most expensive car in the world is considered representative sedan MaybachExelero. It was made to showcase high-end tires commissioned by Fudla.. And he was introduced to 2005 year in the city of Berlin. Its cost is 8 million dollars. This model is not the newest, but since, internal characteristics are valued more than appearance, to s 2005 years to the present, this car is very popular with car enthusiasts. Worked on the creation of the car 25 months.


Developed the appearance and characteristics of the German concern, which attracted undergraduate students, they brought their ideas and developments. The developments themselves were carried out in Italian workshops.. It was assembled in Turin. Despite, that MaybachExeler has been certified for road use, mass-produced did not. Weight of this machine 2660 kilogram, that did not become an obstacle to moving cars at a speed 315 km / h. Gaining momentum for 4,5 seconds on 100 kilometers, almost like super light cars.

The car has rear-wheel drive, engine capacity is 5.9 liters, power -700 horses, eight speed transmission. Maybach Exelero has its advantages. So, its creators came up with a bumper, который не похож на ранее выпущенные модели этой марки.Этот красавец демонстрирует массивный передний бампер, with optional air intakes, увеличенным радиатором и передним сплитером.Следует отметить, that this model is large, how long -5,9 m, so wide - 2,1 m, and its height is 1.4 m. Therefore, the manufacturer provided a huge body and came up with a bumper safe for passengers..


Its details are aluminum and steel. This car is one of a kind. Outwardly, it resembles a limousine., due to its smooth lines, and inside the interior makes it clear, that it’s still a sports car. The combination of these styles and creates the appeal and zest of Maybek.

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