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The most bloodthirsty Nazis of World War II

Nazi criminals commanded by Adolf Hitler killed millions of innocent people. But even among these terrible criminals stood out especially bloodthirsty, inhuman and brutal. We’ll talk about them here.

Friedrich Eckeln

The most bloodthirsty Nazis of World War II

This man was known for his composure and particular cruelty to everyone., who represented the "lower race". Eckeln joined the Nazi party 1929 year and quite quickly rose to the rank of Obergruppenführer SS and the post of police general of the Third Reich.

He destroyed the "objectionable elements" using a self-developed system, according to which people were forced to strip naked and lay on each other in a mass grave. This method of exterminating the Jews was called the Eckeln System, which was successfully used by other Nazis during the Second World War.

Three especially large-scale executions of this method are known.: in Kamenetz-Podolsk (died 24 thousand. person), Babi Yare (destroyed 180 thousands of people) and rumbale (25 thousand. the victims). At the end of the war, Eckeln was arrested by the Red Army and sentenced to hang..

Ilza Koch

The most bloodthirsty Nazis of World War II

In all world history she was the most bloodthirsty woman. Ilsa "worked" with her husband, commandant of Buchenwald and Maidanek. Thousands of people died at her hands. In addition to the killings, Koch loved to watch rape and bullying., bringing to death. After the war, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. In prison, Ilsa Koch hanged herself at the age of 60 years old.

Herta Botte

The most bloodthirsty Nazis of World War II

Amazing, but among the most bloodthirsty Nazis there are two women. Hertha Bothe was known for her passion for murder with particular cruelty.

She was just 21 year, when she took over as a female concentration camp overseer. At the end of the war, Bothe was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but already through 6 years she was released and lived happily ever after 79 years old.

Eugene Fisher

The most bloodthirsty Nazis of World War II

He was a famous theoretician and practitioner of Nazi ideas.. He developed a "theory of biology" proved the superiority of the Aryan race over others.

His "works" appreciated by many Nazi criminals, even Hitler himself treated them with special honor. For numerous murders and experiments on people he was not even convicted. After the war, Fisher retired and lived for many more years..

Reinhard Heydrich

The most bloodthirsty Nazis of World War II

The founder of the Holocaust and one of the organizers of Kristallnacht in 1938 year, Heydrich was a particularly bloodthirsty Nazi. His amazing intelligence and insight allowed to reveal the enemies of Nazism and destroy them. He did not stay long as general and died in 1942 year from fatal injury. Hitler was worried about his death.

In no case do we promote fascism and its types! And what Nazi criminals do you know? Write in the comments.

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