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The most expensive phone in the world

Most people use mobile phones for their intended purpose. - make calls, receive and send SMS, use the Internet, etc.. However, for some, the cost of the phone is an opportunity to highlight their status, emphasize the image, stand out in your circles.

Often, even the most expensive mobile phones do not have unique programs and technical stuffing. Their price depends on the exclusivity of the model., precious metals and stones. Size also doesn't matter.

The manufacturer and seller of luxury goods for the rich and famous is Falcon, located in New York. Its staff includes jewelers and designers, which work with rare precious metals and stones.

Falcon does not develop its phone models, accessories, and uses Apple products . Therefore not surprising, that the phone issued by their company nameFalcon SuperNova iPhone Pink Diamondthe most expensive in the world.

Falcon SuperNova iPhone Pink Diamond
Falcon SuperNova iPhone Pink Diamond

He was released in 2014 year, and. embodied in iPhone models 6 и iPhone 6 Plus. in three colors: in gold, pink and platinum. The smartphone stands out with a large diamond, mounted on the back. Its price can be equated to the price of an airplane or a large villa.

To possess them you have to give 100 million dollars. Its body is made of a whole ingot of 18ct yellow or pink gold. There is an instance, made in platinum of the 950th test. In order to emphasize the status of the smartphone, a rare pink diamond placed under its Apple logo.

The most expensive phone in the world

For "budgetary" versions inserted blue and orange diamonds. The cost also varies depending on the size of the diamond.. As an accessory to this smartphone, gold and platinum headphones served., cost 300 dollars.

The smartphone is capable of supporting one SIM card, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, blutooth, GPS, USB, NFC. J,equipped with dual core processor 1,4 GHz. The smartphone has a 5.5-inch screen, 128 Gb memory, there is even a 24-hour concierge support function, Warranty is five years. These models are unlocked., to be used all over the world. Camera 8 MP dual LED flash. There are additional options. - fingerprint sensor.

The most expensive phone in the world

Well, the main advantage is the appearance, which cannot fail to impress. Buyer information for these smartphones is never on display..

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