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Who are the Huns?

One of the ancient peoples who lived in Central Asia were the Huns. These are representatives of Turkic-speaking tribes., which also included Sarmatians and Ugrians. In today's world it is considered, what are the descendants of the Kazakhs. The heyday of this people fell on 4 century and beginning 5 centuries.

Who are the Huns?

The Huns began to advance into the western territory of Eurasia, waging war of conquest. They mainly led a nomadic lifestyle., spending most of the time hiking. When Attila came to power, he united into a union several tribes of the Huns.

Capturing the Apennine Peninsula, he began the struggle with the Roman Empire. The Romans also concluded an alliance with their neighbors in the fight against the Huns (francs, Burgundians, sax). In June 451 years in a bloody battle the Huns were defeated. Losses on both sides amounted to about 300000 person. For that time, it was a huge loss, since the size of the planet was still small.

Huns terrified the Romans. No wonder they were called nonhumans and barbarians. Their faces were painted and covered in terrible scars., shaggy hair. They never parted with horses. All food consumed raw.

Who are the Huns?

After the death of Attila between the tribes, strife began and the union soon broke up into small, separate units. The uprisings of the conquered peoples had a great influence on the collapse.. At first, they helped the Romans repel the raids of the Germanic tribes for a reward.

They became the prototype of mercenary units. Most of the Hun tribes later, disappeared without a trace, the rest formed stable states and came to Christianity. This became the foundation for the future education of their nations and cultures..

During the reign of Attila, there was military democracy, which had the following features: slavery, property inequality. Power should have been inherited.


The Huns are one of the barbarian peoples, which have caused Europe the most devastating effect. For a long time there was a restoration of European tribes.

Being in the territory of the ancient Slavs, separate groups of Huns joined them.

Together they were engaged in agriculture, waged war with neighboring tribes, started a family, gave birth to children. They merged with other nations; the Huns themselves, like a nation, have disappeared. Leaving a mark on history, as ruthless and cruel people.

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